Giant Stag Beetle Wall Art

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The awesomeness of nature is artfully captured with these unique 3-d puzzles. The Giant Stag Beetle wall art is from the innovative minds at Studio Roof, a family run business located in Amsterdam where their love of nature comes alive in beautiful puzzles you put together. Stag beetles gets its name from the male’s large mandibles which they use to wrestle each other over female stags for the best mating sites. Great for a playroom, family room, kitchen, kid’s room, or anywhere you want to bring a little colorful interest to a room. This Stag beetle is crafted from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks. The puzzle ships as 2 sheets with 13 pieces that are easy to pop out. When fully assembled the beetle measures 5.51” x 14.57” x 3.15”. Instructions for assemble are included.